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To be hired as a tutor, please complete and submit form below. Please call for hourly pay info (479-435-1395). Fulfilled tutoring sessions will be paid at the end of each month for accrued hours.

QUALIFICATIONS: CUM 3.0 GPA; Expertise in subject area; Strong rapport with students; Punctuality and dependability.


  • PUNCTUALITY (on time arrival)
  • DEPENDABILITY (NO ‘no-shows’)
  • HIGH FOCUS on student only (NO use of personal devices during session)
  • COMMUNICATION by text with LAWSON Coaching at start and end of each session
  • CONFIDENTIALITY of all student names and info
  • Schedule Availability

    Please list time(s) you are available to tutor students. Click + to add each additional time period you are available. Please denote AM/PM.
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  • Time Available 
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  • Time Available 

    • I agree to arrive at the tutor appointment  on time, at the designated place, and fulfill 50 minutes of interactive one-on-one tutoring with specified client.
    • I agree to no socializing during the tutoring session in addition to no use of personal phone, social media or laptop use.
    • I agree to access only websites associated with client’s tutorial needs during the session.
    • I agree to communicate via text upon the START and END of each session. At end of session send text report and include amount of time met, name of client and tutor name.
    • I agree to HOLD/KEEP student name and information confidential.
    • I agree to NOT share my contact information with client NOR acquire client contact information.
    • I agree that all tutor scheduling is managed by LAWSON Coaching. If the client asks for additional sessions, he must book through
    • Client NO SHOWS are uncontrollable and therefore forfeited in payment fee (the tutor will not be paid for client NO SHOWS).
    • I agree to waiting 10 minutes AFTER expected starting time. If client does not show after 10 minutes from session starting time, the tutor will text LAWSON Coaching that the client was a NO SHOW and then is permitted to leave. Include client and tutor name and words NO SHOW in text.