Career Coaching

What is Career Coaching? 

The ultimate goal of Career Coaching is to achieve life harmony and high satisfaction through our careers.  Through Career Coaching, internal and external structures are built to support decisions in career choices and future direction.

 Clients use The Highlands Ability Battery as a valuable instrument that offers an objective measure of one’s innate abilities, personality and interests. Clients learn about their strengths: what they do best and how to apply this information to studies, work, and career plans. In turn, the profile provides the framework needed to set realistic goals and accomplish them.

After taking the Highlands Ability Battery  the client may choose to add The Personal Career Development Plan to help the client move closer to their desired career goals. Together the client and coach research best options. Exercises are completed that consider preferences; “must-haves”, and “must avoids” in areas such as interests, skills, values, people and environment. The end product is a Career Development Plan written by the Client and Coach.

Individuals receive Career Coaching in key areas:

• CAREER ASSESSMENT PROFILE: Be as knowledgeable as possible of your hard wired abilities, personal style and interests using the Highlands Ability Battery.

• JOB MATCH PROFILE: Examine your profile in light of career pathways and their annual earnings, rate of growth, and yearly openings.

• DIRECTION ACTION PLANNING: The personal feedback helps in setting goals and making informed decisions.

• CAREER EXPLORATION: By taking the Highlands Ability Battery  the client can create a personal development plan, translating identified strengths into a viable college major.

• ASSESSMENT: Through taking The Highlands Ability Battery clients can understand themselves better and apply information about “who they are” to “what they do”.