About Jennifer Lawson

Dr. Jennifer Lawson, founder of LAWSON Coaching, is a strategies specialist. Her 25+ years of experience and training provide expertise to individuals in expanding their sense of what is possible.

Dr. Lawson’s coaching strategies are customized to the individual, addressing each client’s needs particular to their season of life. Her contagious energy motivates individuals to take action and carry forward learned strategies into real life. She has a remarkable ability to connect with clients, positively affecting their self-confidence and buy-in to attaining both short and long term goals. Useful ‘take- aways” and high application are frequent feedback comments from clients in reflecting on their coaching interactions.

Jennifer enjoys life with her husband, springer spaniel and cocker spaniel, in ranked order of enjoyment! Spending time with her four grown children along with hiking and canoeing the Arkansas Ozarks are also among her highlights in life.