High School Student College Readiness

Lawson coaching is offering a nine week program in strengthening the high school student.

It is a collaborative weekly partnership of parents, student, and Dr. Lawson, focused on strengthening student follow-through, school communication, and student goal achievement.

Weekly Student/ Coaching Goals

  • Review and edit student planner from week past and week to come.
  • Map out/write specific study plan and goals for work completion for upcoming week.
  • Review recorded grades online and strategize on ‘glows’ and ‘grows’; celebrate the glows and strategize the growth areas.
  • Record and measure progress by observing grade average gains from week to week.
  • Monitor and provide oversight in time management and organization skills for each course.
  • Test preparation coaching: planning ahead for study time needed and content to cover: ‘what to do and when to do it.’
  • Combining the “power of team” as the parents, coach, and student communicate weekly with teachers and support personnel within the school.

What results do parents see?

  • Less chance for missing assignments
  • Higher chance of increased GPA
  • Demonstration of growth in student as an independent learner
  • Demonstration of growth in student planning and organization
  • Demonstration of growth in a higher sense of sense of student self confidence
  • Increased student awareness and ‘practice’ in being college ready and what it takes to be successful in a college setting.