Struggling in school?

Motivated to ‘boost’ your college success chances?

Working toward ‘keeping’ a scholarship?


Dr. Lawson:  Your highly qualified and professional solution to protecting your college investment and strengthening your student.

For years, Dr. Lawson has positively affected the lives of students through Academic, Career and Life Coaching.  She brings educational knowledge and wise counsel to College and High School students in addressing challenges during a defining time period of their lives.

Dr. Lawson’s most frequently used success recommendations come to the forefront in the upcoming video series:  “Jump Start!”  Unlike information overload and orientation sessions,  Dr. Lawson maps out strategies that ease transition for students  and parents  starting Day 1.     It’s  about front end loading, structuring up from the start, and experiencing success throughout the semester, which can effect student motivation over the entire college endeavor.   In the Jump Start Video Series, Dr. Lawson  breaks down information into  the areas that make the most difference:  test preparation, test taking strategies, time management, procrastination, organization and final exam preparation.   Working smarter in these areas can be the deal breakers for passing and failing, the differentials that make or break a student’s efforts and outcomes.

Make it a strong beginning for your student!   Set the stage for a successful four year experience!  Raise the chances of ‘success liklihood’ by being a part of the LAWSON Coaching difference!

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